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If you are looking to get the most out of your new countertops, contact the trusted countertop installation professionals at LW Decor Inc. Our experience and steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction ensure that your installation will go smoothly and safely.

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Your Quality Kitchen Countertop Installation Awaits You

With flexible scheduling options, competitively priced services, and a wealth of countertop maintenance knowledge, there is no one better suited to install countertops than us.

We’re confident in our abilities, but so are our many satisfied clients. With a single phone call, you could find out why for yourself.

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Save Money with Countertop Installations

The secret to long-lasting countertops lies in their installation. With great care, we make sure your counters are installed securely and with precision regardless of what material they are composed of.

Our Countertop Installers Save You Time

When we work for you, we work on your schedule—not ours. We stick to deadlines, and we always make the most of every moment on the job.

Fillers, Sealants, and More for Countertops

We do more than just install the countertops. If your new counters consist of multiple sections, or there is a separate backsplash piece, we will apply all the fillers, sealants, and adhesives needed to fortify your counters. This is just one of the many services we’re able to provide at a single moment’s notice.

Granite Installations Followed by a Helpful Info-Session

After we finish installing and sealing your countertops, we will also give you detailed maintenance and cleaning instructions. With our helpful tips and advice, your countertops will look polished and picture-perfect for years to come. How’s that for service?

Long-Lasting Kitchen Countertops

We give you more than just a well-installed countertop. We also make sure that your countertop retains its wonderful qualities for years and years to come. This is the kind of peace of mind homeowners expect from contractors, and so that’s the peace of mind we always provide.

We are interested in having life-long clients, not one-time customers. Whether that means re-finishing your counters several years from now, or repairing minor issues, we’ll be there for you. All you’ll ever have to do is contact us.

Bathroom Countertop Installation and More

When many people think of countertops, they think of kitchen counter and islands, and that’s it. We are here to remind you and our many other readers that we also install and refinish countertops for bathroom vanities, outdoor cooking areas, kitchens, and so much more.

Rest assured, wherever there is a countertop that needs improving, we’ll be there.

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If you are intrigued by our services now, you’ll be over-the-moon when you learn more about our competitive rates and affordable countertop materials.

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